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New Oak & Softwood Treated Sleepers

For the latest information on prices, please see our FENCING PRICE LIST for stock availability and delivery options please Contact Us

  • We normally Stock two sizes of  New Softwood Treated Sleepers & one size in New Oak Sleepers.

  • Unfortunately we DO NOT stock any Old &/or Reclaimed Sleepers

New Softwood Treated Sleepers

We normally offer two sizes of  Softwood Sleepers, please see the FENCING PRICE LIST for our current sleeper price.​​

  • 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm New Softwood Treated Sleepers (Small)

  • 2.4m x 125mm x 250mm New Softwood Treated Sleepers (Large)

New Oak Sleepers

We normally offer one size of New Oak Sleeper, please see the Fencing Price List, for our current sleeper price.

(Unfortunately we DO NOT offer any Old &/or Reclaimed Sleepers)

  • 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm New Oak Sleeper

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